Tyndrum to Inveroran

Day 5 is from Tyndrum to Inveroran and should take no longer than 4 hours. This part is a mercifully short 8.75 miles and follows mostly even ground. It is important at this stage not to under estimate the effects prolonged activity without an adequate rest period can have on your body. Your feet will require special attention and should be washed thoroughly every day and dry socks put on as often as is required, especially if they get wet. Blisters must be acted upon immediately to reduce discomfort and “hot spots” on the feet are a sure sign that blisters are imminent. If you can treat these “hot spots” you can save yourself a lot of pain further down the line. If you didn’t pack any anti-blister products before you started your journey, most village shops will sell a small selection.

If you are camping the extra weight of the tent and sleeping bag is likely to have left bruising on the shoulders. Try to pad the straps and apply Vaseline to the skin to reduce friction as much as possible. You should also be eating a higher than normal calorie diet, with “little and often” the standard method for eating and drinking for hikers. As for fluids, you should be urinating as frequently as is normal for you, regardless of the weather. Even in the cold your body will require more fluid than usual.

Day 5 will begin and you can be safe in the knowledge that you are now over the half way point. You will need to pick up the West Highland Way at the north end of the relatively busy little village, the path is signposted with the now familiar thistle logo.

Follow the path uphill on the north side of the A82 and cross over two bridges before coming to a stile. By now you will be able to see the grassy and mountainous terrain that will be with you throughout the day.

The path will soon descend and will drop under the railway line before turning to run adjacent to it. The path then veers off again to take you over a stone bridge which leads to more railway crossings and a busy road crossing. Care is to be taken at each of these to avoid any undue danger.

After passing a distinctive white building, which is used as a hotel, take the minor road with the thistle logo signpost that leads over a bridge and into some woodland. This forest area is not large and you will soon emerge, after a steady climb, onto some more moorland.

The path will soon levels off and you will be only a short distance from your destination. Follow the path as it gradually descends which will take you all the way to the Inveroran Hotel. If you have not chosen to stay in this hotel there is a wild camping area a short distance away by the bridge which is visible from the hotel.

You have now reached the end of day 5 and have travelled a little over 60 miles (100 km approx).