Invermoriston to Drumnadrochit

Day 5 is from Invermoriston to Drumnadrochit and is arguably the most challenging section of the Great Glen Way. Coupled with the 14 and a half mile distance, which will take around six hours, there is a number of steep slopes which need to be tackled throughout the day. However, as with the rest of the walk, the scenery will not disappoint as the path rises to offer stunning panoramic views of Loch Ness.

Although this route is not particularly difficult, it is a longer walk than the previous days and isn’t anywhere near as flat as the paths you may have become accustomed to. It is therefore important to prepare yourself for the road ahead, especially if the previous 4 days are beginning to take their toll. Try to ensure that any signs of blisters are given attention immediately. Give the same priority to wet socks, as soon as possible replace them with a clean dry pair. This will help keep your feet in good condition for the final 2 days of walking.

Starting from where you left off in Invermoriston, relocate the Great Glen Way which will almost immediately start taking you uphill. The path will veer off to the left and then become a steeper uphill climb. Towards the top of this hill there is a rest area, which includes a bench for those who have struggled with the climb. Those pressing on will continue to follow the familiar blue thistle sign posts.

The track will now start to level off and continues to move through the pine forest. Soon the path turns to the right and starts sloping downhill where you will pass a peculiar device which is used to count the number of walkers passing by. From here the path remains steady and offers some great views of the loch and the surrounding area.

Staying on the path indicated by the blue thistle signposts, you will begin to descend towards Alltsigh. This is interestingly the place where the last female wolf to walk wild in Scotland was reportedly killed.

From here you will cross a bridge before the path begins to rise again. After passing the hydro power station, turn right past a picnic area and back into some more dense woodland. The woodland will break to offer some more views of the loch before passing again back into the woods.

The forest track will descend and cross a stream and onward towards Grotaig. At this point the road will hit a junction where it will be indicated to turn right onto a path which runs adjacent to a small tarmac road.

This road will continue relatively straight and heading slightly downhill. The trees will become much sparser and the path will lead into some more open moorland which can leave walkers very exposed during inclement weather.

You will soon pass some chalets and a small row of houses before the path takes a more obvious downhill trajectory. On the way downhill you will pass a solitary house on your right hand side which is shortly followed by a blue thistle signpost directing you to the right. The path will take on more of a downhill gradient and lead all the way to the main road of Drumnadrochit and your destination for the night.