Strathyre to Killin

This walk from Strathyre to Killin is 13 miles long (21km) and should take between 5 and 6 hours to complete. The route will take you on cycle paths and through forest tracks and you will get some spectacular views of the rivers and mountains as you head north.

The walk starts at the Munro Inn, where you make a right turn and will go past a church and a tennis court. Turn right at the fork in the road and cross the foot bridge and then left and walk along the track. At the next fork, turn right and you will begin to climb through woodland. As you pass through the trees, you will come to some open spaces with views towards Ben More and Stob Binnein, over the Braes of Balquihidder. If you want to make a detour into Balquihidder, you can visit the church and the burial spot of Rob Roy.

As the road starts to descend, you will eventually come to a road junction and here you should turn left and head for Balquihidder, looking above you, you can see the cars passing by on the A84. Now take the cycle path to Killin. It is a hard surface, but it’s a straight fast walk and it will take you through some pretty birchwoods, and across a viaduct, which has been restored in memory of a cyclist who was killed in an accident near the spot in 1997.
The road now begins to climb fairly steeply, above the village of Lochearnhead (which you can visit if you want to make the detour). As you continue to climb you will get views of Loch Earn from the east. You will now come to a section of the cycle path called The Glen Ogle Trail, which crosses the Glen Ogle viaduct and then under a bridge.
Keep walking along the cycle path and you will see views of Tarmachan Ridge, which is a Munro and the narrowest mountain ridge in Perthshire.
The path now heads downhill in an easy walk towards Killin, on the way take in the views of Loch Tay and Ben Lawers. Just a couple of miles from Killin you will come to the Falls of Dochart, from here turn right and cross the bridge into the village of Killin. If you are walking during the holiday season, before you go into Killin, visit Inchbuie, (the entrance is at the bridge) it is a tiny island in the middle of the river and it is where the Macnab Clan are buried. You can get the key to open the gate from the Tourist Information Centre.
Killin is a small village on the banks of Loch Tay and is popular for its salmon fishing and water sports activities. The Breadablane Folk Centre is an interesting place to visit. You will learn about Breadablane and surrounding area and you can see the 1,300 year old healing stones of St. Fillan.