Inveroran to Kings House

For this section of the West Highland Way, Inveroran to Kings house the weather can have a profound impact on how easy your days walk will be. Although surrounded by mountains, this 9.6 mile route is very exposed and there is little or no shelter when the weather turns bad. However, when the weather is not an issue, the views are simply spectacular as day 6 of your journey sees you walking through the natural beauty and mountainous terrain of the Highlands.

For virtually the entire length of Inveroran to Kings House the path is in good condition and the ground remains mostly level making this one of the easiest sections of the West Highland Way, as long as the weather doesn’t take a turn for the worst.

It is worth noting that this section is largely uninhabited and refreshments will not be available after leaving Inveroran until towards the end of the days walking. It is therefore a good idea to make sure you have enough water and food before setting off on your days walk.

Starting from the 18th Century Inveroran Hotel, head west along the road and across the bridge which leads to a popular field for campers. You will then pass a car park and continue on the road over Victoria Bridge, and then through a gate to follow what once was the old military road. From here you will start a very gradual uphill section of the walk but always on good quality path and always very slight. This road will be underfoot for the vast majority of the day making the possibility of making a wrong turning very, very low.

The road will start to take you through some woodland which is dominated by Scots pines. This will not last long and the trees will quickly become sparse and then none existent as views of the surrounding mountainous terrain opens up in front of you. This moorland is very boggy everywhere except for the path dedicated to the West Highland Way. As long as you do not stray from the path, there shouldn’t be any problems and the view of the mountains can be enjoyed as you progress.

The Inveroran to Kings House route will descend, again on a slight slope until it meets the river Ba. Once you have crossed the bridge crossing the river, the path will once again slowly start to climb. This time you will ascend to the highest part of the moorland, which is naturally where some of the best views of the moors can be seen.

There is now a large section of gradual downhill walking on the approach path to Glencoe. This Inveroran to Kings House path is in the shadow of the impressive Buachaille Etive Mor, standing 956 metres high and dominating the local landscape.

Continuing along the Inveroran to Kings House path there is the possibility to take a short detour to a cafe if you are in need of refreshment, or maybe warmth.

The West Highland Way will merge with a minor road on which you must turn right and continue until the minor road reaches the A82. Cross the A82 to rejoin the path and then continue approximately 1 km to the Kingshouse hotel and land available for camping.