Carradale to Campbeltown

Day 5 of the Kintyre Way is between Carradale to Campbeltown and is the longest part of the walk. At 20 miles (32 km) long you can expect to be walking for approximately 8 hours or longer if the previous 4 days have started to take their toll on your body.

An important point to note on this section of the Kintyre Way is that the first part of this walk, across the beach can be closed at high tide. When it is impossible to use this path, the A83 must be used as an alternative. The A83 is a very busy road at times so take due care and remain vigilant.

After leaving the village of Carradale, turn into the car park and follow the blue sign post onto a vehicle track which leads to a T-junction. Turn left at the junction and pass through a gate which leads onto a path that curves around the hills. Another path that turns off to the left will take you down to the Network Centre and a small cafe. After passing the cafe, cross a small tarmac road in order to rejoin the path on the opposite side. This path heads downhill towards Waterfoot and you will soon come to a small bridge which leads on to another junction. Take the right hand turning all the way down to the road which you must join and then cross the stone bridge into Waterfoot.

Stick to the banks of the stream as you follow the path back down towards the coastline. Once on the beach you will cross the small bay and head towards the cliffs on the opposite side. There are rocks littered around this area which can make walking a little more difficult, especially when the ground is wet. This is also the part of the walk which can be impassable during high tides, with the alternative to follow the A83 instead of the coast.

Once on the far side of the cliffs and rocks, the sand and rocks underfoot will be replaced by a path at Dippen Bay. Once you have travelled approximately half the distance of the bay, you will be directed to the right and onto a path leading inland.

Follow this path until you reach a stile that leads onto a road. Turn left on the road and you will be heading towards Saddle. Continue on down the road until being directed between two stone posts which lead to a track that travels downhill. Carry on across a stone bridge which offers views of Torrisdale Castle and then follow the track to the left. This track will then rejoin the road which will be followed the rest of the way to Saddle.

Not long before saddle you will have endured two fairly steep climbs, immediately after saddle you will need to tackle another. After the steep slope you will be directed away from the road and onto a forest track. This will turn to the right and into some dense woodland. After climbing up through the trees, the track will level off and then start to descend. Shortly after this, the trees will be left behind as the track leads into a glen which gives views over Lussa Loch.

Continue on the path past a quarry and over an old stone bridge, which will lead on to a path above the shores of Lussa Loch and then through a gate and onto a tarmac road. Remain on this minor road until it joins onto the A83 which will lead you into Campbeltown. This is your destination for the night and has all the facilities you would expect from a small town, including hotels, shops, pubs, takeaways and a cinema.