Tayinloan to Carradale

Getting to day 4 from Tayinloan to Carradale will have taken you across 31.25 miles (50.3 km) of the Kintyre Way. By now you may be showing the signs of continuous walking such as blisters and aching muscles. Make sure that you are tending to any niggles at the first available opportunity and treat hot spots on the feet immediately to stop blisters from forming. Another top tip is to keep socks and feet as dry as possible. This will stop the skin from softening which makes them more susceptible to blisters and chafing which will both make you uncomfortable.

Today you will be walking 14.75 miles (23.8 km) which will take around 6 hours. This section of the walk will take in some more of the coastline that the path was following on day 3 before crossing open countryside and delving into woodland. The track will also pass the half way distance marker of the Kintyre Way, towards the end of the days walk.

Pick up the trail where it was left on day 3 near Tayinloan post office and carry on through the village, passing some public toilets and the village hall. Shortly after leaving the village the road will turn to the right and lead towards the coast. This will lead to some farm land at which point you must go through some gates. Please take care to shut the gates after you to make sure livestock cannot escape onto the road. Following the bushes to the side of the field a blue marker will eventually lead you through a gap in the bushes and on through to another gate which is followed by another farm gate. Here you will be met by a series of wooden boards which make up a walkway that leads to another gate that puts you onto the beach.

Continue walking along the beach, which can be boggy underfoot, until you cross a stream. From here follow the path to another gate which leads onto a path that will begin to head inland. This path will curve to run adjacent to the A83, before requiring you to cross. The A83 can be very busy and road users have been known to speed at this section of road. It is therefore important to remain extra vigilant when crossing to rejoin the Kintyre Way on the other side of the road.

The path will now start heading uphill on a gradual gradient that leads onto some open moorland. Stay on the path until you reach the village of Bairds and some ruins. Remain on the main track which curves left into some woodland. After following the woodland track further uphill you will eventually find yourself once again walking through open moors. The unmistakable sight of the age old mountains of Arran will be visible ahead as well as a more modern wind farm. The track will soon lead into some more woodland and begin descending slightly until you reach the turbines.

Continue on this path through more periods of forest and moors before coming to the Skipness to Carradale road. At this point the track will start moving more gently downhill and then uphill to a viewing point. After passing the viewing point the path will descend more steeply and Carradale will come into view. Follow the path downhill through more forestry until you reach a car park which is in Carradale itself. Here you will find a post office and hotel, as well as the end of day 4.