Drumnadrochit to Inverness

The final day of your journey is from Drumnadrochit to Inverness and begins with a little over 55 miles (88.6 km) of the Great Glen Way behind you and only 18 miles (29 km) between you and Inverness which indicates the end of the trek.

Today’s walk is an easy route over well maintained paths which are well signposted throughout its length. The challenge of this leg is in the distance. The previous 5 days haven’t come anywhere near as long as this section and the extra miles could be telling on the legs, feet and shoulders as you make your way towards the end. Fortunately the route will continue to offer views of the great Loch Ness and the northern mountains, as well as rejoining the iconic Caledonian Canal which has been absent from the route for the last couple of days.

From your temporary residence in Drumnadrochit, it is time to carry out your morning checks for the last time and then head out to rejoin the Great Glen Way. For the start of this section this will involve following the A82 past the local shops and post office. Bear in mind that the A82 can get very busy and occasionally motorists have been seen speeding through this area. This would make it wise to stay on the footpath at all times and do all you can to make sure you are easy to see, especially when you are required to cross the road. Once you have reached Temple Pier you will see the familiar blue thistle signpost leading you off to the left and you will soon come to an information board. Here you will take the steps on your left hand side which leads to a path that follows on through two gates and into some woodland.

This path will continue uphill and veer to the left. You will pass through a few more gates while remaining within the woodland. You will then reach the end of the tree line and be lead out into an open area which offers some excellent views of Loch Ness. After passing a double set of gates you will soon be back into the woodland where you will cross a bridge before starting uphill.

The forest path will cross a stream via some stepping stones before once again reaching the end of the tree line. The open area ahead of you will not last for long before delving back in between the trees and a short steep climb up to a viewpoint. After this point the path moves around to the right while continuing, more gradually, uphill.

The Great Glen Way leaves the trees and opens up to give a sustained period of great views. After some more, gentle uphill climbing you will reach a marker indicating that you have reached the highest point of the Great Glen Way. Shortly after, you will reach a fork in the road with the signpost directing you off to the right. Continue on the path and stay on the track marked by the blue thistle. In this area there are numerous junctions with other paths, so it is important to ensure you remain on the Great Glen Way.

Now on the descent, you will start seeing signs of more civilisation as you close in on Inverness. You will emerge from the hills into a car park and cross it to rejoin the route through farmland before joining a minor road. Once off the road and back on to the path, as indicated by a signpost, you will continue downhill and start to get your first glimpses of Inverness. Once clear of the hill you will shortly rejoin a path adjacent to the Caledonian Canal which will remain by your side until you reach the centre of Inverness. This is marked by a sign indicating the end of the Great Glen Way and is the end of your 79 mile journey.