Beattock to St. Mary’s Loch

This walk from Beattock to St. Mary’s Loch will take you into forests across moorland and farmland. This stretch of the walk has some spectacular views.

Start out at Evan Water and follow the river towards the two motorway bridges, cross the River Annan and into the countryside and walk along Moffat Water. Cross the bridge over the water and go through Dumcrieff Wood, you’ll then find yourself in open country beside the river.

Take the minor road and leave the river by a track that begins to climb through more woodland. Take the track along the Cornal Burn, cross the footbridge and pass along the path turning north- east and then north, out of the forest and into the hilly countryside.

The path goes in between the hills of Loch Fell and Croft Head, across a gorge and then descends to Selcoth Burn and the footbridge which leads to Ettrick Head, which means that you are now entering the Scottish borders. Here you’ll go through a wood and down to the Hill to Over Pawhope bothy. Pass the bothy, go down the valley and go on to the minor road at Potburn.

Follow this road which takes you through woodland, hills and countryside until you reach Scableuch and the track that climbs up the burn. Stay on the path of the eastern slopes of Penistone Lowe and when you reach the fork in the road, take the right fork and after a while you will begin to go downhill past the old farm and across the burn at Whithope. Here you go along a track that goes down to St, Mary’s Loch and the Tibbie Shiel’s Inn.