Garelochead to Arrochar

There are two starting points on this route from Garelochead to Arrochar, the first way, is to retrace your steps along the cycle track and come out at Yankee road, or, alternatively walk an extra 5km from the centre of Garelochead until you reach Yankee Road, which is an easier, albeit longer route and ends up at the junction from the road that leads up from the A814.The route should take you between four and half and five hours to complete.

Follow this road until you reach the MOD training area and then walk along the road that takes you through it. The path can be used by the public, but sometimes it is necessary to close the road, so it is a good idea to ring the MOD Police and check before you begin your walk. (01436 850361). Follow the road and you will come to waymark sign which leads uphill and when the path splits take the newer looking road and you will come to a block of shelters and further along another block. At this point cross over the footbridge and into the woodland. Keep climbing and you will cross another bridge. As you catch your breath look behind you and you will see the valley of Gleann Culnach.

The next stage is probably the most difficult, follow the track into another forest area and when you reach Creagan Sithe, follow the minor road down to Glen Douglas, cross the car park and through a five bar gate and then the path sweeps uphill and then downhill, up and then down, but you will be recompensed for your effort with spectacular views of Loch Long and Arrochar. Eventually you will reach a bridge over Tigness Burn and the waterfall beyond it. Continue towards Tarbet, away from Loch Long until you reach the T junction, take the road to Arrochar which is less than a mile away. (1.5km).

Arrochar is famous for the Arrochar Alps and attracts mountaineering enthusiasts from near and far. It is the gateway to the Argyll Forest Park and is very popular with tourists who appreciate its stunning scenery and interesting wildlife.