Laggan Locks – Fort Augustus

This section of the walk, Laggan Locks – Fort Augustus, is spent largely by the side of the Caledonian Canal in the beautiful and tranquil setting that this offers. This is also another low difficulty route with no steep slopes or particularly challenging terrain. Apart from the Caledonian Canal, the highlight of this section is at the end of the day, which culminates by delivering you to the southern tip of Loch Ness.

With the sounds of the nearby A82 clearly audible, today’s walk begins back by the Caledonian Canal. You have now completed 22.5 miles (36 km) of the journey and start today’s 10.5 miles (17 km) by this iconic canal.

The path will lead you up the embankment which runs alongside the Caledonian Canal and into woodland. While walking through this forestry you will be able to catch glimpses of the canal through the trees, and enjoy the steady trek through the woodland. After leaving this section you will still be by the side of the canal with some great views behind you of the water cutting through the forestry.

A short distance on the path will run into the A82 which must be crossed. This road can be very busy so it is wise to exercise caution when crossing. On the other side you will see a sign for the Great Glen Water Park which you should follow. This will take you onto a gravel path which runs adjacent to an old railway which once ran all the way to Fort Augustus.

The path will lead you through a gate and before long you will see the now familiar blue thistle sign post which will lead you towards Loch Oich. The path will turn to cut a path adjacent to the loch and follows its shoreline. Now at the southern tip of the loch, the path will take you up through some woodland while giving good views across the water. You will also pass through the Letterfeirn Nature Reserve before passing an old cottage which is in the small village of Letterfeirn.

Here you will find a hotel, which can be used for refreshments and the ruins of Invergarry Castle. The path continues to sit beside the loch before passing over the railway. At the end of the loch the trail turns left and passes back over the railway and a bridge before turning back towards Loch Oich.

Now on the northern shore of Loch Oich the path gives some great views of its entire length. The path soon leaves the loch behind and rejoins the Caledonian Canal once again. The path continues down the length of the canal and passes a tea garden before crossing the north side at Cullochy Lock. The path then turns to once again run adjacent to the canal, with some woodland also following the route.

As the canal starts to widen, you will be about to reach the first locks at Fort Augustus. This large village has a variety of shops and accommodation options, as well as being on the southern tip of Loch Ness.