Fort Augustus to Invermoriston

Day 4, Fort Augustus to Invermoriston is typically the point of the walk when those undertaking the full length of the Great Glen Way will decide whether to have an easy day and walk the relatively short 7 and a half miles, or to press on in order to complete the route on the 5th day. This will be largely dependent on the flexibility in your schedule but most importantly on how you are feeling.

If the 33 miles (53 km) travelled so far has taken its toll, then it would not be advisable to push yourself too hard. This would have only negative effects such as causing injury and taking away the enjoyment of the walk, which is the main point of it. However, if you are feeling fine then it may not prove problematic to finish the walk a day earlier than originally planned.

In the months between November and March there is usually heavy timber harvesting in the area. This affects the Great Glen Way and all diversionary signs must be adhered to for your own safety.

The beginning of the day involves crossing the Caledonian Canal and leaving it behind. You will not rejoin the canal until shortly before your arrival in Inverness. Follow the A82 north passing the petrol station and into a large car park. From here you will see the familiar signposts indicating the path to follow. This path will join a minor road which should be followed past a lodge and straight on over the next junction. A signpost will lead you off this minor road and onto a more familiar footpath before it joins the A82.

The footpath crosses a footbridge and leads on into some woodland. This marks the start of the first short, steep section of the Great Glen Way which ends when the path meets a forest track. Here you will turn right and continue on the track. After a while the trees will become less dense and there will be some spots which will offer some great views over Loch Ness.

The track will start to slope downwards before joining a road which leads into a car park. Take care to follow the familiar blue thistle signpost as there are other walks which cut through the same car park, but which have paths that lead in a different direction to the Great Glen Way.

You will again start climbing, but this time much more gently until you reach some amazing view points over the loch. The path shortly crosses over a bridge which has a small yet picturesque waterfall adjacent to it. After this bridge the woodland will thicken once again and the track will veer off to the right and start moving downhill.

Further down the path a signpost will lead you into a sharp right turn which then descends into Glen Moriston. After turning right you will soon be in Invermoriston. Here you will find a shop, an hotel, a B&B, a camping area and the end of day 4.