Clachan to Tayinloan

This section of the walk, Clachan to Tayinloan, is a virtually flat route that sticks largely to the coast. The 9.25 mile (15 km) route should take around 4 hours to complete and can become boggy at certain parts of the walk. The best views of the day will be out towards Jura, Islay and Gigha as well as the beaches that the path runs alongside.


Once again the route is largely exposed to the elements. Rain can make some parts of the walk very boggy and when the wind blows from the sea, it can feel very cold. It is therefore important to ensure that you have checked the weather forecast and dressed appropriately as well as packing spare equipment and kit in your bag.

Starting in Clachan you will set out along the main road (A83) and head towards Campbeltown. Although you won’t be on this road for long, it can get very busy. This makes it important to keep an eye out for oncoming traffic and walk in single file to avoid stepping out onto the road. After just over a mile, a familiar blue signpost will direct you away from the road and onto the grounds of Ronachan House. You will then follow the path which runs adjacent to a stream until a fork directs you back onto the A83.

The A83 will only be briefly re-visited before a signpost directs you into a car park. Here you will be directed onto a path which runs adjacent to the road and will lead on to the coast. As you get closer to the sea, the ground underfoot will become softer and is susceptible to becoming boggy. You will be very close to the beach and it is possible to see seals and even otters in this area.

The soft path rejoins the side of the A83 before dropping down onto a pebble path on the beach. The pebbles can become slippery when wet and it is worth remaining alert for larger stones which can act as tripping hazards. You will follow this path on the beach for some time before heading up to rejoin the verge of the main road which runs above the beach. From here you will be able to see the Isle of Gigha as well as Islay and Jura further off into the distance.

The next time you leave the road it will be to enter some woodland, but only for a short period before once again joining the coast road. The signposts for the Kintyre Way will at some points direct you to cross the road. This is for your own protection as the signposts are indicating the safest side of the road to walk on. Once the road has crossed over a stream you will be directed back down towards the beach which you will remain on for the next few miles.

After passing a small stream you will come to a slightly larger one. When there has been a large amount of rain it is possible you will have to wade through this stream. After passing this stream continue on the path and you will shortly come to a trig point. The interesting point about this particular trig point is that it is only 2 metres above sea level which makes it the worlds lowest. Continuing on along the beach you will alternate between grass, pebbles and eventually sand along the way. After reaching the ferry car park you will find yourself in Tayinloan and your destination at the end of day 3. This village has small shops and a hotel.