Gairlochy to Laggan Locks

Day 2 is from Gairlochy to Laggan Locks and has the promise of 12 miles of splendid views across Loch Lochy, the Caledonian Canal and the mountains which will be your constant companion throughout the day.

The level of difficulty will be low and should not be a cause for concern to any ability of walker. The whole path is well maintained and the entire 12 miles is virtually flat with only very gradual and short slopes along the way.

To begin the days walking head towards the road bridge over the canal in Gairlochy. Once on the other side of this bridge you will see the blue thistle signpost directing you to the right. Continue to follow the path towards Loch Arkaig and follow the signposts for the Great Glen Way which will direct you away from the road and back onto the trail.

With views of Loch Lochy ahead, continue on the path which runs adjacent to, and then rejoins, the road you were walking on after crossing the bridge in Gairlochy. You can then follow on and the winding road will run all the way to the shore of the Loch. You are now standing on the banks of the third deepest Loch in Scotland which also has been the subject of a Loch Ness Monster like creature sightings, which is locally known as Lizzie.

Back on the path you will shortly cross a bridge which offers views of the 2 munros at the northern edge of the loch, and leads you into some woodland. Walking through the trees does not last long as after crossing another bridge, you will soon be back on the shores of Loch Lochy. This shore side path will continue past a picnic area before moving slightly away from the shoreline and back towards the road. The road will take you off to the right and onward towards Achnaccary.

The road passes several houses before crossing the River Arkaig and turns right to head towards some more woodland. There is a car park at the side of the path which is used by visitors wishing to see the local waterfalls which would be a 2km detour from the path. At the end of the car park, the path goes into the forestry.

The forest track soon drops slightly and takes a route adjacent to the waters of Loch Lochy. The Path now continues by the shore side and through the woodland area. The trail passes the Letterfindlay Lodge Hotel and later a wild camping spot. Further on you will pass a quarry on your right hand side before the path leads off to the right and towards the hills.

Follow the path up to and then through a gate which leads some chalet sites and then onto farmland. The path will continue to the head of Loch Lochy which hosts a small marina before turning right and eventually rejoining the Caledonian Canal. After passing between buildings the path will cross the canal. From here you are only a short distance from the end of day 2 and the Great Glen Hostel and camping.