Castle Kennedy to Bargrennan

This route from Castle Kennedy to Bargrennan will take you along forest tracks and roads, up on the moorland, across farmland and through deep forest, it is boggy in parts and you need to stick to the route, especially if it is misty. It is a long route, so if you prefer you can stop the night at New Luce, which is just over half way.

The route begins at the Castle Kennedy Gardens entrance and to get to it you need to cross the A75 and go through some woodland until you reach White Loch, then, follow the Loch up to the entrance to the Gardens and turn right on to the minor road, eventually passing Chlenry Farm. Here the track ends and you’ll find yourself on a path going uphill which takes you to Glenwhan Forest.

Pass through the gate and turn left along the path until you reach the waterfalls at Craig Burn. Follow the burn to the railway line and then head through some woods until you come to a bridge. Cross the bridge and then you’ll come to another bridge, which crosses the Water of Luce and takes you through a field at Cruise Farm and along a minor road.

If you decide to stay the night at Luce, or you need supplies, head north towards the village and is just over a mile (2km) from here.

If you carrying on with the walk, then go past Cruise Farm and carry on past the ruined house at Kilhern, here take an immediate left and follow the track to Balmurrie Farm, take a right turn and head north from here and when you reach Kilmacfadzean, take a another right turn across the open moorland. Now head in to the Conifer Forest, along a boggy path, until you reach the footbridge. You will then come to a clearing at Laggangarn, the Beehive Bothy is here, which you can use for an overnight stay, if you have camping equipment.

As you pass the Bothy you will see the two Langgangarn standing stones in another clearing. If you want to take a short diversion to see the historic Wells of the Rees, cross Tarf Water and follow the sign.

If not, head along the B7027 until you reach the hamlet of Knowe. Cross the bridge at Beoch Burn and head left into a boggy forest until you come to the minor road at Glenruther Lodge. Turn left and carry on across moorland and begin the 603 foot climb (184 m) up Ochilltree Hill. Follow the path down the hill until you reach Garchew. Follow the minor road for a short distance and then cross the moorland to the A714 and you have reached the entrance of Bargrennen Village.

Bargrennan is on the River Cree and close to the Glentool Forest and it is 9 miles from the town of Girvan.