Wanlockhead to Beattock

This is another long walk from Wanlockhead to Beattock where the route will take you through forests along paths and tacks. There are also some boggy areas.

Start off at the Mining Museum and follow the path towards the radar station on Lowther Hill. At 2329 feet (710m), the path starts to descend, but if you want to climb right to the top of Lowther Hill and it’s a fine day, there are some spectacular views over the countryside. Descend across the moorland and begin to climb again up the top of Cold Moss which is 2,060 feet (628m) high and then it is a steep climb down to Laght Hill.

Climb down until you reach the A702 and follow it to the bridge at Potrenick Burn, which can be boggy, but it eases off when you reach the footbridge at Portrail Water. Pass through Watersmeeting forest and you’ll eventually come to a track that leads across Comb Law and through another patch of forest and along to the Daer Reservoir.

Here you cross the dam and now there’s another climb up Sweetshaw Brae and down again along the edge of the Greskine Forest. You go through some trees and it’s a boggy path to Cloffin Burn. Brattleburn Both is near here, if you want to spend the night just follow the sign.

If you are not stopping, keep walking until you reach Garpol water and then pass through more forest and you’ll end up in the car park. Take a right turn and you are now heading towards the village of Beattock. Three miles along the road from Beattock is the larger village of Moffat.

Beattock is a small village on the Evan Water, which was once on a busy transport route between Carlisle to Glasgow. Visit the Lochhouse Tower, the parish church and Beattock House.