Killin to Ardtalnaig

This walk from Killin to Ardtalnaig is 12 miles long (19 km) and it should take between 4 to 5 hours to complete the route. The walk has some steep sections and will take you on minor roads, through the countryside and across moorland. Some parts do not have a track and in bad weather there isn’t much shelter and it will be boggy underfoot.

Start at the bridge in Killin and follow cycle route 7, the uphill route is through woodland, but you will get views of Ben Lawers, which is the 10th highest mountain in Britain at 3983 feet (1214 metres). As you come out of the woodland, the walk begins to level off and you will come to the dam at the Loch of Breaclaich and, after this you will get some spectacular views across the wide open spaces of the countryside of Glen Dochart and Glen Lochay, towards the mountains in the distance.

Cross the moorland and you will begin to go downhill towards Loch Tay. Follow the track along where the water pipes run and when you get to the corner where the track and the pipes bear to the right, you leave the track, heading North East. You will pass a triangular section of trees, keep these to your right and head towards Ardtalnaig.

This section of the climb will take you downhill to a stone wall with a gate. Pass through the gate and head left and then right, alongside a drainage ditch until you reach another gate. Go through the gate and cross the ford using the stepping stones, unless the water is high and then you can double back and cross the bridge.

When you arrive at Brae Farm, walk behind the farm buildings and follow the track until you come to the Loch Tay road. There is a hotel in front of the Loch, and from here, turn left and follow the banks of the Tay until you reach the hamlet of Ardtalhaig.
Ardtalhaig is a hamlet on the south shore of Loch Tay which is popular with cyclists and nature lovers. It is well placed to visit all the other attractions and villages along Loch Tay and it has a variety of accommodation from hotels to campsites.