Dalry to Sanguhar

This route from Dalry to Sanguhar will take you across open moorland, on to farm tracks, minor roads, up steep hills and into woodland. It does have some boggy parts.

Start off at the Y junction in Dalry Main Street and take the minor road to the left which turns into a track. Follow it to Ardoch Farm. Follow the road to the right and along the slopes of The Ardoch Hill, follow the signs to Butterhole Bridge which crosses Black Water.

Take the path that leaves the road and climb over Culmark Hill to Culmark Farm, cross the bridge at Stroanfreggan Burn and then walk along the track to Stroanpatrick. Go through a gate and towards Manquhill Hill. Cross into the trees, across the road and up the hill. Descend through the forest and then begin the steep climb up to Benbrack at a height of 1,900 feet (580 m) and there you’ll see one, of the few striding arches that are dotted around the area.

From here the walk is across moorland until you reach the edge of the forest at High Countam- Go into the forest, which is boggy and keep walking until Alan’s Cairn and further on from here you’ll find Polskeoch Bothy, if you want to stay the night. If not, follow the path to the public road and then walk down the valley and into fields.

At Polgown you begin the climb across Cloud Hill and you’ll catch the views of the Lowther Hills and the village of Sanquhar. Walk along the Whing Burn and then along a track which passes Ulzieside Farm, here you’ll cross Euchan Burn on a minor road and then you will come to the River Nith. Cross the river at the Blackaddie Bridge and you have reached the town of Sanquhar.

You can visit the castle ruins, the church of St. Brides and you can buy a stamp from the world’s oldest post office in Sanguhar’s High street. It was established in 1712 and is over 300 years old.