Machrihanish to Dunaverty

The final section of the Kintyre Way is Machrihanish to Dunaverty and this part manages to encapsulate what the walk is all about. There are large periods of virtual isolation, with no man made towns or roads in sight, a mixture of terrain and stunning views throughout the day.

Day 7 is widely considered as the most difficult section of the Kintyre Way and parts of the walk can be heavily bogged down. This problem is increased after, or during periods of rain. The 18 miles (29 km) will take approximately 7 hours and is a tiring walk. However, the pay-off is in the magnificent views which, most would agree, are worth the effort.

After what was hopefully a relatively relaxing day and night, day 7 begins in the centre of Machrihanish on the road that brought you into the village. Continue following the road inland and uphill until directed, by a now familiar blue signpost, to leave the road and take a track leading to a farm. Shortly before reaching the farm a marker guides you to the left and through a gate into a farm field. This field is shared with livestock and can be very boggy. Continue on through the fields as directed and you will eventually reach the Craigaig Water.

Cross the stile in front of you which leads into some open moorland. Here the path is not easy to distinguish among the wild grass so following the directions of the signposts becomes increasingly important. After the route leads through two small hills, it will cross over a stream and into a glen. Continue across the glen and over two stiles which lead further up towards the cliffs which give an excellent view of the beach below.

The path follows the remains of an old stone wall and stays close to the cliffs. Here it is likely you will come across sheep and long grass. Stay alert and keep looking for the blue sign posts, which may have their view slightly hindered. After crossing a stile you will shortly begin descending and heading inland towards some dense woodland.

On this section of the path there are regular twists and turns so it is important to keep a look out for the blue sign posts. Start off by passing through a gate which leads onto a forest track. This leads to a stile which itself leads downhill and a curve to the left. Another stile follows and yet another one before beginning the climb to Remuil Hill. The path to the top of the hill ends with a steep section which can be a challenging climb for many already weary walkers.

The track now runs through the hills offering great views of the surrounding area. By the time the track begins to move downhill the surface below your feet is likely to be very boggy as you continue over a number of stiles.

When you reach Amod Farm, turn right to join a road after crossing a river. After approximately 2½ miles you will reach a junction where you should turn right. Continue on the road all the way to the coast where the road will turn to the east and run all the way to Dunaverty.

You have now walked 87 miles (140 km) and reached the end of an epic 7 day journey. Hopefully you will leave with plenty of pictures and memories of your time on the Kintyre Way.

Local bus services from here can take you back to the start of the walk at Tarbert or via a Citylink bus to anywhere else you may need to get to.